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Commercial LocksmithBusinesses face multiple challenges and risks on the road to success.
When you have built a successful business enterprise, there is no way you can let thefts or break-ins to destroy it.

Security of your commercial property is as important as it is to run the business efficiently.
Missing keys, damaged locks or break-ins can delay transactions, hold up goods or services and ultimately damage the brand reputation.

Protecting Your Property

locksmith servicesWhen there is so much on the line, protecting your commercial property takes the top priority.
This is where we at JF Locksmith come in.

With us, your business is in safe hands.
We handle wide ranging locksmith services to ensure your security needs are met in its entirety.

Commercial Security Solutions

commercial locksmith servicesWe provide comprehensive service to offices, restaurants, factories, retail stores, commercial buildings, and other business sectors.

As the most dependable commercial locksmith services providers, we have a proven track record of quick turnaround time, high quality service and cost effective solutions.


Professional and competent: We have highly skilled technicians and locksmiths who are well versed with all the modern locks, hardware and security systems.
Our internal training and learning processes mean that all our technicians are constantly upgraded on the latest in locks and keys.


24x7 services: Burglaries, break-ins or lost keys can mean the business is exposed to extensive losses or damage.
Every second counts when you have a broken or damaged lock.
We are available round the clock to assist in getting all the security systems back on track

Filing cabinets and safes: We are also adept at high-security systems operations and master key systems.
Filing cabinets or safes that store valuable documents or cash are also at high risk of break-ins.
As the leading provider of commercial locksmith services, we can repair, install and replace any of the lost or damaged filing cabinets or safe locks.

Re-keying: We can also duplicate keys in our modern workshop so your business does not have to face any interruption.
Lock replacement and re-keying are just some of our specialities.
Changing the locks and re-keying is crucial to prevent break-ins from disgruntled former employees.

Reach out to us today to give maximum protection to your commercial property